Our mission at Magic Hand Car Wash is to provide customers with the highest quality hand car wash.  We lead the competition with our completely brushless wash which takes just minutes, and leaves your vehicle looking showroom new.

Hand Wash

Magic Hand Car Wash provides a true hand car wash. As your car proceeds through our tunnel there are no abrasive brushes that will touch your car. Your vehicle is 100% hand washed. “Brushless” means no moving or rotating parts to touch, scratch, or dent your vehicle. It is truly Hands on Only.


Car Care

Investment in a weekly car wash is like investing in an oil change every 3 months. You wouldn’t skip an oil change and risk hurting the car’s engine. The same maintenance is required for your automobiles finish in order not to damage the automobiles paint.



We offer an assortment of vehicle treatments, prepaid discounts, unlimited monthly plans and we maintain house accounts for corporate clients.  There’s a solution for you whatever your needs are.